We are Artemis Trading & Shipping Corp.

A seafood products import and export company located in the province of British Columbia, and the city of Vancouver — the biggest seafood and fish market in Canada. We are a marketplace where people/companies around the world connect, both online and offline, sell and buy seafood products.

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Our Story

Back in 2003, Artemis started her business journey with a small family-owned business. After spending 11 years working in Logistics & Maritime carrier, she moved into the world of the seafood industry.

Artemis established her own company back home in 2014, focused on local seafood producers and fishermen’s marketing. Her passion for the seafood business with an understanding of logistics ended up with trading & exporting seafood products and building long-term relationships with the customers. In 2019, she incorporated Artemis Trading & Shipping Corp. to continue the seafood business in North America and connect people worldwide with fresh, high-quality products from direct sources.

She is expanding her business with suppliers and buyers – providing customers with high-quality seafood items, mainly Canadian products.